"I don't fight to make a name for myself..

..I fight because my heart tells me it's the right thing to do."


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Main Information


Spice- kitty-pet/kit

Her original name given at birth when she was a kitty-pet.

Name given to her by how hotheaded and feisty she is.

Cherrypaw- apprentice

Her name given when joining her Clan.

She changed it from Spice to Cherry in remembrance of Venom who nicknamed her "cherry-cheeks".

Nickname given to her by how red her face gets when she blushes.

Cherryblaze- warrior/deputy

Name given when she became a warrior.

Given the name "blaze" for her flame-colored pelt and how fierce she becomes when it involves fighting, like a fire ripping through the battlefield.

Cherrystar- leader

Name given when she becomes leader of her Clan.




Gender: She-cat

Breed: Somali 50%/

Tabby 50% mixed

Scent: blossoms in the spring

Birthdate: March 21st

Season: Newleaf

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Orientations: Bisexual, Biromantic


ThunderClan: 23%

WindClan: 15%

RiverClan: 3%

ShadowClan: 0%

Kitty-pet: 41%

Rouge/Loner: 0%

Theme Songs

Cherryblaze's Theme Song: Right Here by Ashes Remain

Cherryblaze & Venomfang's Theme Song: It's You by Fireflight

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